I come from Northumberland and after doing Art Foundation course at Sunderland University, I went on to gain a B.A. Hons in Fine Arts at Newcastle University.

My work is strongly personal, contemporary and subjective, romantic even; it is as if soundlessness intensifies my visual response to the natural world and I have developed an individual technique to give that response a "voice".


Most of my work is done in the studio based on sketches and photos taken outside. I use oil or acrylics on canvas and also with oil pastels, which working rapidly, then washes down with turpentine to create a hazy, atmospheric feel.


In 1996 in 'Artists and Illustrators'  I wrote, "My choice of landscape as a subject matter, is influenced by Northumberland where I live. I am drawn to the power of it's wild hills and coastline which inspire me to try to capture their beauty and drama.  I love skies and admire the landscapes of Emil Nolde and Turner and while in a contemporary style like to keep something recognisable by maintaining certain points of reference".


Due to M.E. which struck in 1998, I was unable to continue with my painting and it is only now 2012\13 that I have recovered enough to enable me to resume doing what I love best.